Monday, February 13, 2006


My epic quest to Atlanta has reached its end:
One girl.
One guy.
One bigass Chevy Trailblazer.
1260 miles.

A weekend getaway fueled by an itch to escape work and IKEA fetishes, we plotted our point of attack, struck, and came away victorious and flushed w/ memories.
Here are some anecdotes, photos and recaps.

Scene: Pitchblack night on Florida Turnpike.
Cindy, in driver seat. Nick, passenger seat.
Cindy: I wonder if there are any other headlight options other then daytime running lights?
(fiddles w/ steering wheel knobs, headlights turn off, roadview turns pitchblack. SUV at 80mph)
(turns knob again, headlights appear)
Nick: Whew.
Cindy: I wonder, what I do if I turn the switch this way?
(headlights turn off. Road view turns pitchblack)
(turns knob again, headlights appear)
Nick: Don't do that again.

Scene: Flashing blue and red lights fill up SUV's interior
Nick (wakens up from nap): Cindy, what have you done?
Cop: Ma'm, can I have your license, title, and insurance card?

After dropping dead for 2 hrs at hotel, we stopped at IKEA.
Notice the slightly delirious smile on my face.

IKEA's cafeteria.

SUV is fully loaded.

Swanhouse in Buckhead

This was the third of a series of bad Oriental signs I saw posted around town.
1st) Chin-Chin's Chinese Takeout
2nd) Mama Fu's Chinese Buffet
3rd) Miso Happy

Swanky looking noodlehouse called, what else, Noodles. Don't let the decor fool you, this place was pretty affordable. 2 thumbs up! Asian run also, unlike Miso Happy (see above).


pld said...

nice entry! ;) I love the scenes on the highway (OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD). lol.

and you managed to get pulled over?!

tsk. tsk.

SOULdelightful said...

You drove all the way to ATL for Ikea? I understand the desire though. I can't wait until the one here opens this summer. :0) BTW I like the name Miso Happy. I thought it was cute. maybes that bc I am not asian. I try though. I was for one weekend in San Fran

thewomanwarrior said...

You're insane! Playing around with the car headlights when it is pitch black! I'm glad you had fun in ATL. I should appreciate that city more but I lived in GA for most of my life.