Saturday, November 26, 2005

We wish you a merry...

Top Items for the Holidays

Seperated by category:

A) If One Can Dream

1. Marc Jacobs Sienna hobo bag.
2. Gucci hobo - Fall/Winter 2005

B) Earthly gifts

2. Magazine subscriptions! Vogue, Giant Robot, and/or Time Magazine

Ever since my sister's grandma got me my first magazine subscription, Seventeen magazine, I've always devoured those glossies and for me, receiving something (other then a bill, ahem) in the mail is always a lovely surprise.

3. MoMa Salt-n-Pepper shakers!

Since I first laid eyes on these lovable figures, I fell in love w/ them.
Who wouldn't want to have these on their kitchen tables? So stylish.

4. Flower in a Can

I like flowers but I hate the whole process of chopping them up, prettily arranging them only to slowly watch them die at my window sill. This gift can only possibly nurture any seedling of maternal instincts I have (cough) in seeing these pretty blossoms bloom from start...err to finish.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Young & Stuffed

This week commemorates my third anniversary w/ the boyfriend.

Aside from our hectic schedules, we managed to slip in time to celebrate our relationship w/ a posh dinner at Imlee Bistro, one of the finest Indian restaurants evaaah.

Dressed to the 9s, eh?

The boyfriend scowls alot in my photos so I had to make a cheeky comment to get that warm smile out of him.

Meanwhile, I'm doing my best demure "Fair Lady" imitation.

Here's the romantic table we were escounced at:

Imlee Dinner Course:
Mango Lassi
Vegetable Samosas
Chicken Tikka Masala
Aloo Mutter

Damn good stuff! We gorged and gorged and gorged.

All while engaging in stimulating intellectual discourse, of course.


Until we stumbled blearily out of the restaurant looking like this:

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Do You Feel Lucky?

Wilma came through here 2 weeks ago and knocked South Florida out.

I just got my cable/internet back over the weekend after having to come into work early to catch my regular blog reads, etc.

The low point of my Wilma experience?
The night after the storm where I and Nick shared a romantic evening dinner together over candle lit table:

Cindy: Gawd, is there anything to eat around here other then PB&J?
Nick: (scratches head)
Cindy (lights up): Ah ha! By George! I think I got something! (walks over to frig and pops out w/ a plastic package)


Jamaican beef patty and Hillshire sausage!

Nick: (speechless)

The sausage was yummy, especially when you're sticking them directly into the candle light turning them pitch black while your boyfriend mutters "Better not not be lead in those wicks".
Mmmmmm...Danger...never tasted so sweet.

Aside from that, I had the weekend to commemorate a family anniversary but before I went to see my family, I checked out the South Florida Auto Show and must say, I don't really get cars.
The most expensive cars I saw made me yawn whereas I saw a Hyundai SUV that made me more excited. What's the point of having an expensive ride when its interior cockpit is so complex, I have no idea how to even turn on the radio, eh?

Did take a nice shot on my way out, I do love dusk in Miami.