Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The best 'do ever

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On Monday, I got the best haircut ever from Teal and Melvin at Vidal Sassoon. For the past year and a half, I've been sporting longer layers with bangs that I've been too lazy to ever maintain/trim back. It got to the point where I had a pony mane and you coulda jumped on my back for a ride. That, or I could have been mistaken for that ghost-girl from The Grudge.
I knew it was time for a haircut when my co-worker asked me, "Did you get extensions?"

At VS, I told them I wanted to keep my hair long but to still do something creative because I was open to new things. The class instructor, Melvin, nodded, said he had something in mind and instructed Teal to start hacking away.

Getting comfy, I settled in with some magazines to read and after an hour of cutting looked up in the mirror to check my progress. This was my reaction:

Me: "Um...are you giving me a mullet?"
Hair stylist: "Aha ha ha ha...noooooo!"
Me: "Are you sure?!"

The end result was an asymmetrical, sleek hair cut with sharp, sideswept punky bangs.
The stylist maintained the sleek look by reducing my hair's volume by shearing the back and left side. Took a chunk outta my bangs to ensure they'd naturally part at a side-swept angle.

Very low-maintainence 'do, I'm loving it tho' it took a lil time to adjust to it. But I feel it captures more of my personality then my other hairstyle did. Next, I think I'm gonna dye it. :D


Lisa said...

i'm not much for asymmetrical, but low maintenance is always good. i'm more interested to see what color you'll go with.

thewomanwarrior said...

I love the new haircut! I think you should color your hair an eggplant color. My mom did it before when she was in her 20s and it looked pretty good.

lani said...

maybe we'd see your face better, if you didn't contort your face when you took a medium shot photo. can you photograph without making a face?caz