Friday, November 03, 2006

My Chemical Romance

I fell in love with this band again after listening to their new single off the Black Parade album...and on YouTube I found the original video that started it all.
You gotta love a band that has this twisted sense of humor ~ I can totally identify with this.


thewomanwarrior said...

I love "My Chemical Romance"! Did you see the lead singer when he cut his hair? You can see that hair cut on "The Ghost of You" music video. About "University Village", I don't know if I could get housing there because it's located in the main campus. UM's Physical Therapy school is within the Medical Campus. If I get accepted in UM, I'll ask about University village.

lani said...

Durrrrrrrrrrrrr. Welcome to the Black Parade sounds Bohemian Rhapsody-esque. I love this band, mad respect. Watch some interviews on Fuse TV, Gerard really knows his stuff... music, comics, and other nerdly stuff. um, can't quite tell if he's gay though. Damn tight rocker pants.