Saturday, November 26, 2005

We wish you a merry...

Top Items for the Holidays

Seperated by category:

A) If One Can Dream

1. Marc Jacobs Sienna hobo bag.
2. Gucci hobo - Fall/Winter 2005

B) Earthly gifts

2. Magazine subscriptions! Vogue, Giant Robot, and/or Time Magazine

Ever since my sister's grandma got me my first magazine subscription, Seventeen magazine, I've always devoured those glossies and for me, receiving something (other then a bill, ahem) in the mail is always a lovely surprise.

3. MoMa Salt-n-Pepper shakers!

Since I first laid eyes on these lovable figures, I fell in love w/ them.
Who wouldn't want to have these on their kitchen tables? So stylish.

4. Flower in a Can

I like flowers but I hate the whole process of chopping them up, prettily arranging them only to slowly watch them die at my window sill. This gift can only possibly nurture any seedling of maternal instincts I have (cough) in seeing these pretty blossoms bloom from start...err to finish.

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