Wednesday, May 10, 2006

All Together

I went home to celebrate my mom's birthday over the weekend. While waiting for her to get ready to go out, I went into my old bedroom. Inside, I found my Sailor Moon trading cards, an old Kabuki comic book, and a small family photo you see here.
What separates this photo from others are a few things:
) All 5 siblings are in the shot 2) It was taken at my mom's house 3) We're all engaged in a spontaneous moment. No forced smiles, canned laughter, or sullen expressions that usually follows a family foto...

Mostly, what really caught my eye was myself in the middle, age 7 or 8 with that grimaced face that captures it all: "There goes my kooky family again..."

(Even at 23, I still wear that face. And yes, its mostly preempted by my family.
How funny is that?)
On a sidenote, for those who are curious about my brothers and sister, here they are, and yes, we all look different from each other. Kinda makes sense in how that shapes who I am today eh?


thewomanwarrior said...

hahaha! I automatically knew that the little girl wearing the pink and white stripe outfit was you! That look is a classic "Cindy Wong" expression! I'm surprised that the photo was very clear since you took a pic of it. I suck at taking photos like that so I usually scan them.

devlo said...

Try using the maco setting on your camera. Its meant to be used when you're taking objects from 1feet-less in.

Daz said...

that expression is soo you, lol