Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Feeling the lurv

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Thank you.
To my friends who've wished me Happy Birthday on my 24th year of existence. Especially to the ones who rang me up and who, I know for certain, knew it from memory alone. It puts me to shame that I can't do that for many people.
I'm not a very good friend to be honest.

Friendship is something I value and I know I don't have that many people I can call true friends. I've always applied the practice of knowing many acquintances but keeping few friends--it keeps life simple.

Does it sound ruthless? I don't frankly care.

I'm not the most trusting person and I have no patience for people who I consider stupid--or who I perceive artificial. Different friends may know different personas about me, sometimes I wonder what they see in me that's worth associating for?

Have you seen what this girl just wrote above?

I know I'm not a fool but sometimes, I swear I deserve a slap upside the head.
I forget this rule sometimes. I'm done with holding on to old friendships, the phone calls that don't get returned, and to ambivalent phone conversations from the other side. My inner self has been chiding me to clean out my acquintance closet for the longest time; my inner self doubt's been holding court too long and I am done.

It's back to the old rule.
Time to really take care of the friends I've neglected too long. I'll reflect on my inner qualities another time. I think my navel's pretty clean right now.

Instead, dear readers, I leave you with this last quotation for the day:

"Don't be humble. You're not that great."
--Golda Meir, former prime minister of Israel

PPS: For those curious, I've updated my radioblog entries on the right hand side. For your auditory pleasure, check out some of the singles I've posted. They go great w/ a side of blog reading....I recommend Gnarles Barkeley + Bloc Party.


thewomanwarrior said...

I agree. You can't trust too many people in this world. It's better to have a small group of true friends than to have a large group of acquaintances.

lani said...

hey chicky, I LOOOOOOOOVE the quote. I shall remember this gift ;-) thanks for updating your music.

take care, and keep it glam.