Wednesday, June 14, 2006

She works hard for the money

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To more serious matters.
Every summer I always had a predictament when it came time to internships. No, it wasn't the "Am I prepared?" or "Will they like me?" or the usual, "Where am I gonna live?" phase.
It was about bags.
Finding the perfect work bag that I could wear on a day-to-day basis that could carry me through the gauntlet of interviewing, commuting, workplace scrutinizing that will either sum me up as a dowdy, frumpy intern or as the hip, fashionable, respectable youth that I am (or envision myself to be, naff). I always looked forward to the the workbag quest then I ever did getting the work wardrobe, urgh.

Right now, where I work, I could sum up my attempted fashion as clever downtown prep.
That means, lotsa v-neck sweaters, button-up blouses, and pin-striped pants. Occasionally, I'll throw in some graphic tees and skirts with heels.
Oh, and my Converses and Diesel sneakers. I try to keep it down-to-earth, clean, and most of all, comfortable.

Meantime, my taste in bags has varied but there's almost always one constant thing:
I buy one personal bag and wear it to death. One year, it was a silver tote bag my mom got with a free Lancome gift purchase. Another year, a red crochet Old Navy bag. Last year, a Gucci hobo bag I got on Canal Street.
My work bags haven't fared so well. Usually bought for one purpose, getting me through a summer's work, I usually stash them in the back of my closet and forget them till next summer comes.

This year, I think I finally broke my streak. I got a Marc Jacobs Venetia bag from NYC (don't ask where) and I love it. It takes me through day-to-night and matches my style with function.
Anyway, this inspired in me a desire to share with others some bags I thought would take you from work to play.

Here's Cindy's choices:

Botkier, Bianca bag

Lush Fashions, Big Buckle Bag

Hayden Harnett, Ibiza tote

Chloe, Edith tote

Marc Jacobs, Venetia


daz said...

one word comes to my mind..."Bags?"

SOULdelightful said...

Good choices. I am just starting my purse fetish, but I have a problem spending more than$30 bucks. What shall I do! :0)

thewomanwarrior said...

I Love Lush Fashions and Marc Jacobs! I have never really been a purse person but I realized that I need to buy some more (to match with outfits).