Saturday, August 19, 2006

Update to Makeover

Silly me. In my wish for a total do-over, I forgot about my friend, Kim, who is a professional photographer in DEEEE-TROIT!!!! That city sure was filthy but it was fun...
This is her:

Anyway, she read my post, laughed at me and I remembered that she takes awesome photos so she would be a person I could trust to take photos of me. Glamazon photoshopped black and white photos of me. Hear me roar.

See her work here


SOULdelightful said...

Its all about being comfortable in front of the camera. If you feel pretty, the photos will come out pretty. If you feel like Oscar the grouch, then the photos will come out looking like you live in a trash can. I learned that the hard way, being uncomfortable and all in front of a camera if someone else is holding it.

thewomanwarrior said...

Your friend's photos are awesome! I would love to do more experimenting with the camera.