Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fake it till you make it

Why I would never make "employee of the month" at work.

1. Technically, I'm not an intern, I'm an employee with benefits, a living wage, and cough, cough, I've graduated, but people keep asking me, "So....(insert long pauses)
how long you here for?"

2. When I comment to a fellow coworker about their fitness and add that I'm interested in dropping weight, suggesting, oh 10lbs as an ideal achievement, they roll their eyes and say, 'You can never be too thin, just like you can never be too rich.'
When I repeat it to my paunchier coworkers without even thinking about it, they look at me and say, "Girrrrrrl, best to step away now."

3. I hate working more then 40 hours a week.

4. I'm starting to realize I'm more antisocial then I thought I was.

5. I could never disguise my dislike for someone therefore I'm not management material nor a sycophant.

6. At the end of my 6-month work evaluation, my boss concludes the mostly positive meeting in which he states, "You just don't seem enthusiastic enough."
Damn, I'm not wearing enough flair already?

For anyone curious to see what I have been doing at work, go to News Page Designer and look me up under 'journalist' category. My work's on there.

And, to go off topic here, this site greeted me when I walked along Miracle Mile w/ my friend Jillian Friday right next to a pop-art gallery. Is this fake or real?


daz aka darrel said...

pssh...i cant seem to hold a job for too long in 2006...but if sony is where i'm meant to i really surprised i'm back again?

lani said...

ha ha, you said "paunchier"! is "Jillian Friday" her real name? that would be awesome. I love your #5. me feels the same way. no wonder you want to be a glamazon. it's like... if you were egyptian,.. you're trying to find the balance btwn the sun and the moon. the glamazon and the workaholic. (read my latest to understand. did you watch it?)

lani said...

oh yes, and that "you can never be too thin" is sickening. yes you can. and don't ever complain about your weight around the "paunchy." you want to drop 10? been eating mcdonalds before hitting the bed? what? I'm in the well... 100-something high. I too would like to lose weight, but only so my pants fit better and so curve-hugging blouses don't roll-up. ha, roll-ups.

D to tha AZ said...

as for number 6...I'm sure the herald gift shop has a "I heart miami herald' or some junk like that

devlo said...

Hahaaaa...the Miami Herald did have an actual gift shop post in our bldg but they closed it down. But a button w/ that would be funny. I wore my I HEART PUBLIX pin to death!