Saturday, April 15, 2006



For those far and away, I'll let you in on some news I've told those near me.
Brace yourself....
I have to give up my car!
LOL. Nothing too serious! Well, my mom told me a month ago that since my little brother's heading off to UF this summer, that he'll need a set of more dependable wheels then the current car he has (96 Camry). Where is this mystery car supposed to come from? Moi. Of course.

Meantime, I've been perusing thro' Edmunds and other sources to figure out what I want.
I've narrowed it down to about 3 cars and now its about price, whether I want to deal w/ loans, gas efficiency vs. comfort, safety features, etc.

I threw this question out to my coworkers: "What car can you see me in?" Based on a few months of knowing me, some spewed out horrible responses:

"A Volkeswagon beetle!"
"A Scion XB"

Their theory being, she's a girl, she's petite, she's gotta love one of those cute, petite girly mobiles.

So readers, what car can u see me in?
I'll let you know what it comes down to. I have till late June to decide.


Daz said...

hm...deciding on a car is very important since it very much reflects the person driving it...
for you mademoiselle...05 corolla...heh...its hard to imagine you with another make/model, but...I've driven it and it was pretty good

thewomanwarrior said...

That's odd. A Camry has good mileage too. I'm currently driving my mom's 01 Camry. I can actually see you driving a Honda Civic, Accord, a Toyota Corolla (yeah yeah, I know that you're already used to it), and Celica. Just stick with Asian cars. :-P

devlo said...

You guys, I am absolutely appalled. Another Corolla?? C'mon, I have aspirations ya know, Cindy doesnt want to be associated entry-level forever. lol

lani said...

what's a scion XB? what car are you giving to your brother? you've asked me this question before and I had no answer. I don't really imagine you in cars Cindy, and if I did... it wouldn't be a H3 if that's what you want people to imagine you in. and camry's are dependable... even 96s. shiet, I'm driving a 96 Taurus.

devlo said...

My car is a 99 Toyota Corolla, my silver car that's been thro' me every where, thro' Detroit, Toronto (Canada), New Orleans...its dependable, gotten me thro' some thick binds, and I couldn't imagine a better car for someone w/ my ADD personality.
I didn't say I wanted an H3 but people, lets be creative. A Mazda 3? Volvo S40? Jeep Liberty? Ya gotta like cars if you wanna discuss. :)

devlo said...

Oh and btw, when I think of people who drive H3s I think of 3 words that can sum up their personalities: pretentious, erectile dysfunction, and insecure.

So that's a no. :P

politicalchic said...

I can see you in the spyker peking-to-paris--I think that car rocks!

devlo said...

Hey that Spyker car looks realllly sweet. :)