Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I was online looking for some music on iTunes when one thing led to another and I was testing out some singles to hear on Radioblogclub! Breakdance iTunes compilation (iTunes) > Kraftwerk (radioblogclub) >
COLDPLAY vs. KRAFTWERK mashup on this random person's radioblog. In fact this person's radioblog was filled w/ tons of mashups that were fantastique. I love'em and wish I knew where I could the mp3s of'em.
Here are the ones I really enjoyed

1) Fischerspooner vs Pussycat Dolls**
2) Gorillaz vs The Bravery
3) Nirvana vs Basement Jaxx**
4) Coldplay vs Kraftwerk
**Would totally recommend these 2 for a hard workout soundtrack.

If you want to find this dude's radioblog list, I found that by searching under "Fischerspooner vs Pussycat Dolls" will pull up his radio list.



SOULdelightful said...

Ah Cindy, I want to hear the good music. You know how much of a dance junkie I am, but the link to the raadioblog does not work.

devlo said...

Got that link fixed. Buggy HTML probs! Should lead you to it


This sounds interesting! I'm going to check these songs out! Anyway, how's life treating you? I'm planning on heading down to Miami for a few days in May.

lani said...

does "mashup" mean that they play the songs over one another of sorts? cool, wish I had itunes and a mac powerbook.

lani said...

oh, try WE ARE SCIENTISTS -- Nobody move, nobody get hurt W.A.S. is in the same vein as Fall-Out Boy as far as dance rock alternative?

lani said...

you know I got to comment again b/c this is about music. a mashup I heard on a radio station once was MARY J. BLIGE'S Be Without You and a song by EARTH, WIND, & FIRE, I think... it was old school... like disco maybe? it was soooo cool. please visit and comment on my site.